No Heroes Roadmap to Early Access


Roadmap to Early Access

I created a Trello board for No Heroes, where it shows the tasks needed to be completed until the Early Access release.

This Trello board was made for two purposes:

  • For me to organize all tasks needed to be complete. This shows me the overall picture of what needs to be done, and will let me stay more focused on specific tasks.
  • For you to see the development progress that has been done and needs to be done until Early Access. Hopefully it will give you an idea of how many things go into making a game.


The Trello board is not yet complete, so expect it to grow in the future. As of now, it currently has 101 tasks to be completed.

Click this link to go to the No Heroes Trello Board

No Heroes Development Updates

From now on, i will try to do regular development blog posts describing what has been done since last development blog.

I can’t guarantee that these updates will be done every week, but the updates will always be made on the same day of the week to be consistent.

All updates will be made on this website, so be sure to follow for future updates.


Thanks for the support!