First Person View 2.1

First Person View 2.1



First Person View is an asset that allows you to have a First Person Perspective where first person objects do not clip through the environment, have a separate field of view from the environment and can receive shadows from the environment.


Game Features

  • ­ First Person View models don’t clip through the environment
  • ­ First Person View models receive shadows from the environment
  • ­ Independent Field-of-View between First Person View and the World View

Script Features

  • ­ Ability to automatically change between World View + First Person View and World View only. (useful when the player interacts with the environment)
  • ­ Ability to assign and remove objects to/from the First Person View perspective
  • ­ Automatic Layer assignment for First Person Objects. It preserves original layers when changing the objects back to World View
  • Transform a point and/or direction from First Person View to World View

First Person View 2.1 Update

  • Added partial support for temporal camera effects (TAA for example)
  • Fixed how the Depth Normals Texture is rendered for FPV objects
  • Added support for FPV objects to cast correct shadows onto the environment
  • Added support for Forward Shaders and Forward Rendering


  • Removed First Person View Layer requirement. It’s no longer needed and should be done on a per project basis.
  • Removed FPV V1 solution (Multi-Camera solution), because it does not work with Unity anymore. V2 is a superior version and much more efficient.

Known Issues

As of now, the only limitations of this system are:

  • ­Shadows/light are still stretched on FPV objects
  • Motion Vectors are partially supported. It “resets” the buffer, but in my tests i don’t see any issue. Contact me if any issues occur.

Get First Person View 2.1

Check the forums for feedback and questions:


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