No Heroes – Development Blog #6


Lag Compensated Hit Detection

Starting this blog with something major, i added lag compensated hit detection on the server.

This makes it possible for when players hit a player or some other thing, that action is also correctly performed on the authoritative server.

To easily test this, i implemented a target system where the target moves in a line back and forward in a similar way the player movement works. This allows for accurate hit detection testing.

To see if everything works, when the target gets hit on the server, the red light turns on and it rotates backwards. If it’s hit on the client, the green light turns on, but doesn’t rotate backwards.

Here’s a simple video demonstration of this in action:

You can see that without lag compensation, if the player hits the end of the target, in the opposite motion, the hit never happens on the server. And if the player shoots in front of the target in motion, the hit happens on the server.

Aiming Down Sights Consistency

This time i also fixed the problems about the aiming down sights. For some reason it was behaving frame-rate dependent, even though its algorithm wasn’t frame-rate dependent.

I was able to fix this issue, plus the smoothness of turning it on and off. One other issue i was having with this, was that with long-range scopes, the scopes were stuttering when the player moved or rotated.

Now all these issues are fixed and working properly. You can see this in the video above.

Deferred Projected Decals

This was actually partially added in the last blog (which i forgot to include), but now, i added more types of these decals to the bullet holes with better lighting, and decals around the map.



Two more things were fixed/added to the game.

Now, at the end of the game, the match winner is displayed, and i also improved the spawning system of Deathmatch game mode by choosing the spawnpoint that has the biggest average distance to all the enemies.

This works pretty well for deathmatch.

Trello and Development Update #46 Planning

A couple of weeks ago, i announced that i defined the last ToDo tasks that need to be done before the next Video Development Update #46.

I had to add just a couple of important new ones, which were already completed.

I also updated the whole Trello board with a more organized look. Now it’s much easier to see the tasks , and which ones are the priority.


That’s it for this development blog!

Thanks for reading and for the amazing support!



2 thoughts on “No Heroes – Development Blog #6

  1. Andrey Panzenhagen says:

    Following the development for years.
    still hyped

  2. a person who likes no heroes says:


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