No Heroes – Development Blog #5

Welcome to the new Development Blog #5!

I’m going to make this update a bit short so i don’t spoil too much for the upcoming Development Update #46 (No ETA though)

Authoritative Movement

So, i thought i got this fixed, but turned out it wasn’t. It was working properly, but when i tried debugging the movement with induced lag, it started behaving very weirdly. Moving, jumping, falling were full of micro stutters, vaulting and climbing were not behaving correctly, and so on.

As everyone that works with networking will say, networking problems are the worst.

With that, i was able to fix the issue, and now the player controller is very smooth and better than before.

Now, all testing is done with induced lag, so i can test how the game plays in reality.

Props, Props and more Props

For this update, i decided to replace a lot of the old objects i was using in the map with new and better quality objects. In total, there were more than 30 new objects that were added.

I used Blender for 3D modelling, and Substance Painter 2 for textures.

Map Improvement

With these new props, the map now looks and feels much better and detailed. You can compare these images with ones from previous blogs, and you’ll see a very big difference in quality.

Here are a few screenshots:

Cloth Physics

If you follow me on Twitter ( @Tiago11F ), you might see some posts that i make showing new things in the game. These are usually small stuff, so i just post these on my Twitter page instead of other platforms.

Here’s a preview of the improved wind shader:

And here, i show a simple way of creating cloth objects:

Editor Smart Placement Tool

I also made a new tool that greatly improved item placement. This tool projects each individual part of a single mesh onto the terrain, so nothing is left in the air or inside the ground.

First Person View 2.1

Regarding the next version of FPV2, i fixed some inconsistencies with first person shadows, and also fixed the weird things that i was getting with this setup on the editor scene camera and other cameras.

This new update is still work in progress, so i don’t have an ETA for it yet.

Development Update #46

With all these updates, i should probably talk a bit about the next video development update.

Things are progressing well, and i feel like the next update is almost on the way.

I wanted this update to feel like a new game and feel a lot different in comparison with Update #44. There’s been so much work done that it really does feel like a new game.

You can see how No Heroes was back then:

(Very different! and not just the looks.)

I was thinking of making a small video for this Development Blog to show the improved character movement, animations, sounds, map, etc, but i decided not to spoil too much until the next update, so it can feel fresh.


That’s it for this development blog. A lot more work has been done on other things, but don’t feel like those should be included in these blogs.

Thanks for reading and for your awesome support!



One thought on “No Heroes – Development Blog #5

  1. Avenger says:

    I was feeling very disappointed as this took years, but now when i see the progress you have made, I feel that you care for this game as a child of your own & want to provide a AAA class if not a very perfect game to the public. Keep up the good work. Cheers from Sri lanka

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