No Heroes – Development Blog #3

Welcome back to a new development blog!


First of all, this blog was delayed a couple of weeks because i had to prepare and defend my masters thesis, which i passed 🙂 . Because of that, i wasn’t able to spend much time on the game and make a development blog.

With that done, here’s what has been worked on No Heroes since last development blog!

For this weeks blog, i focused on two things: Improving the map and fixing an important issue with slow player spawning.

Map and Visuals

Starting with the map and visuals, as you remember from some old images and from last blog, there were some odd and ugly buildings in this section of the map. To improve it, i made a few new ones with better materials.



New objects, small walls, grass, and trees were placed around the map.

Faster Player Spawning

This was one tough thing to fix.

The spawning of a new player, with weapons, attachments, animations, etc, was so heavy that there was a close to 1 second lag when a new player spawned.

I was able to decrease that cost to something that isn’t noticeable, which is fantastic, but will still need to be reduced even more.

Might not seem like a big deal, spawning a player, but with all the systems implemented in the game, it is proving to be a more difficult task than previously thought.

Dynamic Movement

The dynamic movement of the weapon was also changed. It wasn’t very natural, and was hard to aim when rotating the player around.

So, my goal was to make a better dynamic movement with fluid and consistent movement. The following video compares the old with the new (wip):

Out of Bounds

A very straight forward thing that exists in every game is the out of bounds. Like was explained in last blog, an out of bounds effect was implemented, and now the server actually kills the player after a few seconds of being out of the game zone.

Game Consistency

Making everything consistent in a multiplayer game is probably the most difficult thing to achieve.

For this development blog, i also spent a lot of time trying to make the game more consistent, like gamemode setup, destruction state synchronization, weapon/attachment assignment, bug fixes, etc.


It’s still awaiting approval, but No Heroes will soon be up on the MadeWithUnity official page! It will be a huge honor to have No Heroes next to all the awesome games made with Unity 🙂

You will be able to access the page through the following link when it’s approved: #MadeWithUnity No Heroes



That’s it for this development blog!

Thanks for reading and for the support!



4 thoughts on “No Heroes – Development Blog #3

  1. AfrOn says:

    So glad to hear again from you!!

  2. leeclipse says:

    I think there should be a timer for the out of bounds screen.

  3. litedwarf122 says:

    Keep up the great work cant wait for release.

  4. ArinGAMER says:

    awesome man keep it up its looks & feels better than battlefield

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