No Heroes – Development Blog #2

Hello everyone!

A lot of things have been done and improved since last blog. From better AI that shoots at players to optimized and consistent player spawning, initial work on screen-space health effects, improved visuals and details on the environment and a lot more!

Screen-Space health effect and hit feedback

Until now, there was no visual feedback that a player has been hit, so i implemented a few effects based on the health the player has and if the player has been hit by a bullet.

The effect based on the health changes the screen to black and white and the corners of the screen imitate an heart beat indicating the player is low on health.

The hit feedback can also be seen on the video, where the gun flicks when the player is hit.

One thing i didn’t include in the video is the out of borders effect. It gradually increases the bloom effect and adds a grain effect to indicate the player is out of bounds of the play area.

AI Players

Last blog i implemented AI controllers, but they only walked around the map doing nothing.

This time, the AI players can walk/run around the map, and if they spot a player, they will shoot at them. To be able to easily test things, i made them shoot only once a second. That way i can see if everything is working right. The whole AI controller is also more consistent than before.

The AI can be seen in the video above.


Before making the next video update of No Heroes, i also wanted to improve the visuals, 3D objects, textures and a few other things. Not too much but enough to look much better.

For the sky system, i’m using uSky. It gives very high quality results with really good performance. Day and night got a lot better.

I also modified many colors, mainly on the terrain, but also on a few models. Added more details like small/big rocks, trees, and others.

The grass was also pretty bad looking, so i decided to improve it. Watched a few videos to see how to do better grass, and tried out a few things. I was able to greatly improve the quality of the terrain by modifying the grass as it can be seen in the images below.



One other thing that impacted the visuals quite a lot was cloud shadows. By adding a cloud texture to the directional light cookie slot, it simulates cloud shadows. it’s not entirely correct with the sky, but it’s not very noticeable.

No Cloud Shadows

With Cloud Shadows

And that’s it for the second development blog.

There were a lot of other things worked on like behind the scenes stuff, consistency issues resolved, performance optimizations, new 3D objects, textures, etc.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!



4 thoughts on “No Heroes – Development Blog #2

  1. August says:

    Awesome job dude. I have been following this since day 1 and I cannot wait to see what else you do with it!

  2. Danil9724 says:

    Отлично. Продолжай делать!

  3. Akarsh says:

    Awesome job dude. Keep going. Don’t give up !!!

  4. theflyyer says:

    great job man 🙂 looks awesome

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